ACB – Air Circuit Breaker


Our range of low voltage air circuit breakers are available from 630A up to 6300A. These offer built-in communications and metering functions, all in optimised frame sizes. They are easy to install with user-friendly intuitive operation and environment-friendly design.

Aiming at standardising electrical switchboards at a time when installations are increasingly complex, Masterpact provides an unequalled simplicity, both concerning choice and installation. Masterpact NT innovates by offering all the performance of a power circuit breaker in an extremely small volume. The 70 mm pole pitch means a three-pole draw out circuit breaker can be installed in a switchboard section 400 mm wide and 400 mm deep.

Masterpact can be integrated in a general supervision system to optimise installation operation and maintenance. The communication architecture
is open, and may be upgraded for interfacing with any protocol.

Product Line Up